Referrals made easy

What if there was a way to get a real grip on your incoming referrals?  You’re in luck – you can do just that with Jobote, a referral management tool that keeps both you and your employees updated and takes care of the GDPR, too.

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Easy reporting
Verified applicants
Employee rewards
Promotion of the company

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Why should I use Jobote?

Manages the entire referral process

Jobote is an online tool created to streamline referrals in your company, to keep track of all the important stuff, to handle the GDPR and to make sure everyone is paid on time. It also makes the referral process more transparent for your colleagues, provides you with tools that help you stay in charge of the entire process and its results, and gives you an easy access to reports, so you can always see how good your referral program really is.

Keeps everyone informed

The best referrals will always come from your employees. Jobote gives them an opportunity to see if their referral worked out and when can they expect their reward, removing the need for constant questions about new employees and taking the guesswork out of bonuses. Simply log in to get the answers.

Gives everyone a reason to join

Jobote can help you make referrals popular in the entire company – that’s why we created a package full of inspiring ideas on how to get your colleagues on board! With Jobote, the benefits of referring new people will be clear to everyone, as well as the process behind it. Now, your employees can easily share new vacancies knowing that their efforts will be rewarded.